Mr. Alexey Petrov - President Of Bulgarian National Karate Federation

Mr. Alexey Petrov Mr. Alexey Petrov President Of Bulgarian National Karate Federation

I am honoured to invite the karatekas from the European countries to participate in the 44th European Championship for Cadets and Juniors, and the 9th Championship for Men and Women under 21, which will be held in Sofia from 17th to 19th February 2017.

This year, it will be the fourth time that Sofia has hosted an event of such magnitude and importance. That is why the organization of such an event is both a great honour and a responsibility. We hope that all the participants will experience the traditional Bulgarian hospitality. As President of the Bulgarian National Karate Federation, I have to emphasize the long way the sport of Karate has gone along. We gathered invaluable experience as organizers of the Balkan Championship in 2014, the 24th European Championship in 1997, the 1st World Karate Championship for adolescents in 1999, and the European Championship for men and women in 2001. Karate was first recognized as and included in the Olympic sports on 3rd August 2016, and Bulgaria was proud to take part with a representative in the Olympic Games in Baku in 2015. I profoundly believe that Karate will take its prestigious place among the Olympic sports, and we will have the chance to demonstrate the power of the World Karate Federation and the worldwide popularity of karate.

The Bulgarian Karate Federation has been working hard to establish the philosophy and spirit of karate, to promote and develop it as a mass sport. That is why the forthcoming European Championships is more than a competition – it is an event of friendship, respect and tolerance.

As a sport, karate constitutes a challenge to the human spirit, to the will and strength of the human body; it requires courage and respect to the opponent, and embodies the wisdom acquired along the way. Karate speaks in all languages and unites people and generations, regardless of their race, sex and religion.

I wish all participants health, strength, courage, respect and dignity, and numerous sports triumphs. Please, accept my most sincere wishes for success. May the best win!

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2017 KARATE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS - Sofia, Bulgaria | 17-19 February 2017
44th Cadets, Juniors, 9th U21