On the 17th to 19th of February 2017 Bulgarian National Karate Federation was hosting the 44th Juniors, cadets and the 19th U21 European Karate Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. The competition took place in "Arena Armeec" Sports Hall, where a new record of participation in European championships was set – over 1200 competitors from 50 countries. The official opening ceremony of the event was conducted on the 18th at 16:00h. and Mr. Antonio Espinós – President of both the EKF and WKF arrived in Sofia to greet the competitors from the stage. He also congratulated Mr. Alexey Petrov – president of Bulgarian National Karate Federation and the Organizing committee of the event for the excellently organized competition. During the opening ceremony…
Saturday, 25 February 2017 10:27

Medal Statistic - Country

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total 1 FRANCE 6 4 4 14 2 ITALY 6 3 4 13 3 TURKEY 5 3 4 12 4 SPAIN 4 5 6 15 5 RUSSIAN FEDERATION 2 2 6 10 6 UKRAINE 2 1 3 6 6 SLOVAKIA 2 1 3 6 8 CROATIA 2 0 4 6 9 BULGARIA 2 0 1 3 10 SERBIA 1 4 2 7 11 HUNGARY 1 2 3 6 12 PORTUGAL 1 2 1 4 13 AZERBAIJAN 1 1 2 4 14 BELGIUM 1 0 2 3 15 MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC of 1 0 0 1 16 GREECE 0 2 3 5 17 SWITZERLAND 0 2 1 3 17 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 0 2 1 3 19…
The celebration of youth Karate being held this weekend in Sofia (Bulgaria) finished with the proclamation of France and Italy as domineering forces of the sport in under-age categories. While athletes from the two countries topped the final standings of the memorable event, the 2017 EKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships demonstrated Karate’s outstanding influence among youngsters. Showcasing impressive abilities and perfect techniques, the last of the new under-age European champions were crowned at the last competition day. France’s Steven Dacosta was named one of the big stars of the tournament after cruising to a forceful victory in U21 Kumite Male -67kg category. The defending Senior European champion confirmed his status as top favourite and earned his fourth gold medal…
Saturday, 25 February 2017 09:55

EKF Executive Committee meeting held in Sofia

The European Karate Federation Executive Committee meeting held in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 17 February 2017 set the tone for the memorable 2017 EKF Cadet, Junior and U21 Championships and analysed the progress of the sport in the continent. Chaired by WKF and EKF President Antonio Espinós, the meeting was held ahead of the tournament that gathered young competitors from all over Europe in the Bulgarian capital. Topics discussed included reviewing the EKF competition calendar, evaluating upcoming events and over viewing reports of the different EKF commissions, among many others. Much focus in the meeting of the EKF Executive Committee was put on the two most immediate first-class events to be held in Europe this year, namely the 52nd EKF Senior…
Over 1200 competitors from 50 countries will compete for the medals at the 44th Cadets, Juniors and 9th U21 European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. 195 coaches will lead the karatekas and 175 Referees from 45 countries will make sure all the bouts are fair and according to the WKF rules. With the 205 registered officials for the competition along with the competitors, coaches and referees there are 1800 people taking part in the event in total, so far. 200 volunteers from the clubs, members of Bulgarian National Karate Federation will see that the competition goes smoothly and without pressure. Contractors from 15 companies and organizations will take care of the matters regarding transportation, accommodation, catering, security, marketing, medical care, technical…
Thursday, 19 January 2017 22:04

For spectators - NO ENTRANCE FEE

We would like to inform everyone who want to watch live The European Karate Championships for Cadets, Juniors and U21 for 2017 in Arena Armeec Sport Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria, that there is NO ENTRANCE FEE. Welcome to Bulgaria! Welcome to Sofia! Welcome to Arena Armeec!
Delegations from 20 countries with over 800 karatekas have already reserved hotels in Sofia for the 44th Cadet, Juniors and 9th U21 European Championship in February. Among the first countries to apply were the teams of England, Island, Sweden, Finland, Wales, Belgium and Norway. The number of competitors is expected to double, since there are 53 country members in the EKF. The ever rising interest for the competition is due not only to the perfect settings in "Arena Armeec" Sport hall, but to the acceptance of Karate in the Olympic family. The 129th Session of the International Olympic Committee being held in Rio de Janeiro has decided to incorporate the sport of Karate in the program of the Tokyo 2020…

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