Over 1200 competitors from 50 countries will participate in the European Championships in Sofia

Monday, 30 January 2017 20:10

Over 1200 competitors from 50 countries will compete for the medals at the 44th Cadets, Juniors and 9th U21 European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. 195 coaches will lead the karatekas and 175 Referees from 45 countries will make sure all the bouts are fair and according to the WKF rules. With the 205 registered officials for the competition along with the competitors, coaches and referees there are 1800 people taking part in the event in total, so far.

200 volunteers from the clubs, members of Bulgarian National Karate Federation will see that the competition goes smoothly and without pressure. Contractors from 15 companies and organizations will take care of the matters regarding transportation, accommodation, catering, security, marketing, medical care, technical support and media coverage. There are 6 brand new tatamis for the official bouts and 12 tatamis for training sessions provided for the event.

There will be no entrance fee for spectators, with all needed safety measures taken.


Bulgarian National Karate Federation


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2017 KARATE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS - Sofia, Bulgaria | 17-19 February 2017
44th Cadets, Juniors, 9th U21